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What to do with old wine bottles?

When you have to many wine bottles sitting around, it’s time to make a project!

So you have a few wine bottles laying around or maybe a few dozen, we won’t judge. What can you do with them besides putting them in the recycle? Well we searched the internet and found some fun DIY projects. Get your mod podge and roll up your sleeves, we are about to get crafty!

1. Make a mini garden

wine bottle garden


2. Create Cheese Spreaders

used wine corks make cheese spreaders


3. Do an etching to create a fun soap dispenser

etched wine bottle tutorial


4. Keep those birds coming back for more with wine bottle bird feeder


wine bottle bird feeder


5. Step out of the shower in style with this cork bath mat


used wine corks make a bath mat


Let us know if you try one of these projects and post it to our facebook page here!



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The Life of a Wine Barrel

wine barrels ready to be made into furniture Oak barrels have more than one purpose!

The life of an oak barrel is an interesting one. Barrels are made at cooperages, which you’ll find in winemaking regions all over the world. From there, the barrels head off to winemakers who use them to age their wines. Barrels may then be claimed by craft brewers, who are experimenting more and more with barrel aging. With millions of barrels in use around the world, it’s no surprise that old, used ones are repurposed in all sorts of creative ways. Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose!


The French Oak Barrels we use are given a new life. Handcrafted locally in Millstadt, IL we create unique custom pieces and use every part of the wine barrel. To see how we make our pieces watch this video.

See all of our pieces here in our shop.

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